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Having Baby Ryan

Ting-Yi Shih

Our conversation with a mother expecting twins was such a pleasure that we decided to do it again. This time, I had a chat with Tracy—who recently gave birth to her second son. We discussed her desire to give her oldest son a sibling, how she'll be dressing her boys, and her hope for the brothers to grow up taking care of one another.



LOLLIE TOTS: How did you feel when you learned you were pregnant with your second child?

TRACY: We were absolutely thrilled! We’ve always wanted to give Andrew, my oldest son, a sibling, and we have been trying for over a year, so we really couldn’t be happier.

LT: How did you decide to name him Ryan?

TRACY: We knew that we wanted a short and relatively easy to pronounce name for his grandparents, who are non-native English speakers. We also wanted to give him a meaningful name. “Ryan” means “little king” or someone who possesses the characteristics of a leader. We thought it was perfect because we’d love for our son to grow into someone with leadership skills and independence.

LT: Can you tell us how you went about preparing Ryan’s nursery?

TRACY: We’re actually recycling Andrew’s nursery, and keeping the setup pretty much the same. It might sound silly, but we wanted to be fair. We wanted the brothers to have the same early experience, and be able to talk about it when they get older.

LT: How is Andrew reacting to being an older brother?

TRACY: Andrew has been asking for a younger sibling since he turned three years old, he’s now four and a half. So he was super excited when he found out I was pregnant. When we came home with baby Ryan, Andrew was so proud to be an older brother—and eager to show his affection for his little brother. He’s been such a good helper in taking care of Ryan. Although he wishes he could spend more time with me because I’ve been very busy taking care of Ryan, this experience has provided an opportunity for him to grow more independent with each passing day.

LT: What elements are essential for dressing the baby?

TRACY: When I dress him, I want to make sure the outfit is the right size, and that it provides the warmth required for a newborn. I also tend to choose onesies and bodysuits because of the ease and convenience of putting them on.

I absolutely love the Puppy Love Bodysuit I received from Lollie Tots. It’s 100% Organic Cotton with an adorable puppy dog print, and it has the double zipper feature—which makes diaper changing such a breeze. Every mom appreciates anything that makes our life a little easier, especially considering how many times a newborn baby needs to be changed. It even has a matching bib, making it a complete outfit. I’d say it’s one of the most thoughtful gifts I ever received.

LT: Will you be matching outfits and color coordinating the brothers’ outfits?

TRACY: Matching outfits are not my style, but I would coordinate colors sometimes. What I really like is dressing them in a way that people can tell they are brothers, and yet, not exactly the same. They are each of their own person, so I’d prefer to set them apart a little. I was looking at the Robo Bear Romper and Robo Bear Top + Crotch Pant combo at Lollie Tots. that’s the perfect example of dressing them similarly, and still showcase their individuality.

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