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Baby Shower Gifting

Ting-Yi Shih

Last month, we had a conversation with Christina, who was expecting twins and she shared how she was preparing for her twin girls' arrival. I’m happy to update that she had successfully given birth to her twin girls last week, and I have heard that she hasn’t needed to change one single diaper. Hooray to her husband who has been on diaper duty since day one! 


This week, we chatted with Lucy, her dear friend who gifted Christina with outfits she purchased from Lollie Tots, about how she chose her gifts for Christina. 

LT: What was the occasion?

LUCY: The baby shower for my daughter’s Godmother, Christina.

LT: What gift ideas came to mind when shopping for Christina?

LUCY: She was having twins, and my immediate thought was baby clothes because she would need to have more clothes than usual. Then I came across “Top gift ideas an expectant mom really appreciates”, and on the list, it was baby clothes in bigger sizes. That was it! I ordered her 12 months outfits from Lollie Tots. The clothes gifted at most baby showers I attended are for immediate use, so gifting bigger sizes in 2T, 3T, or even 4T really helps out down the road.

Motherhood isn’t just the first six months, it’s a continuous journey where you need different sizes at different stages. As a mother myself, this gift idea made total sense to me. It is a gift that will show my friend and her baby girls that I really took the time to think about what they may need later. 

LT: Why did you choose to gift Christina with Lollie Tots Children’s Boutique?   

LUCY: I learned about its grand opening on Facebook, I made a mental note to check it out. I found the prints to be so cute! I couldn't help myself but actually got four different pieces for the twin girls, a combination of neutral and girly colors. I wasn’t trying to buy Organic Cotton, but when I noticed everything at Lollie Tots was made with Organic Cotton, I thought "extra benefit"!

This is an even better gift than I set out to get for Christina - non-toxic, all natural, high quality and super soft baby wear. They even came in an elegant white box with a teal colored bow on top. What’s not to love?


LT: What are the outfits you got for Christina? 

LUCY: I loved the outfits I got for Christina, it made me wish I still had a little baby to shop for. Christina loves dogs and has two little doggies, so I thought it’s only appropriate to get her a Dog print onesie. I also got her a more feminine Bird Print bodysuit. Neutral options are always great for newborns, so I got her a couple of neutral outfits as well. I really loved the robo bear crotch pant for boys, too.

Lollie Tots really does a good job curating and selecting what they carry in the store, I find the prices to be reasonable for well-made Organic Cotton clothing. They carry sizes up to five years old, and I hear they will be growing their sizes, so I’m excited to be shopping there for my daughter as well. 

LT: What advice would you give Christina on her Journey of Motherhood?

LUCY: Sleep Now! LOL 


LT: What else would you like to share about your experience shopping with Lollie Tots?  


LUCY: My shopping experience with Lollie Tots was great. The site is adorable, pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. You can sort by age, new items or items on sale. I am their newsletter subscriber, so I can tell you that they are excellent in keeping you updated on their new products, promotions, and the latest on the sustainable industry, so you can be in the know and get a chance to shop before anyone else.

Oh! They even have super cute hair clips now. They are glittery too! I think my 5 year old would really love one of those. They currently have Jack O'Lantern hair clips for Halloween, and with holiday season fast approaching, I will definitely be on the lookout for those glittery Christmas hair clips for my daughter.

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